Friday, June 4, 2010

Saving yourself in this bad economy

We all get use to buying what we want when we want it but with this bad economy we need to make changes. For two weeks write down your every purchase and you will see where your money is going.
You really need to follow through with this no slacking on it. Once you see all your whim purchases you can make a plan. Most of us spend $200 - $400 a month on things that we really don't need to. Other ways to save money and still have fun is instead of going to the theater and spending a fortune. Get a group of friends together and go to a pawn shop and purchase a  few movies together which will cost you around $6 per movie.Take turns as to who will see the movies first and who will get them next. Make popcorn at home. Believe me you can find the movies that were just released on DVD at the pawn shops. Some people buy the movie and when they are done watching it they pawn it to make some money back and it still cost them less to do it this way then to go to the theater. Have a good day.

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