Thursday, June 17, 2010

Saving yourself in this bad economy

I know it has been a while since I posted on this subject but
sometimes life gets interupted by family matters. So here it
goes, so many people are finding themselves in a fianacial
hole. If your having trouble paying your bills and you are
thinking of borrowing from friends or family members think
twice. We tell ourselves that if we borrow from someone to 
keep the power on or whatever essential bill it may be and
that we will pay back the money out of our next check we
are lying to ourselves. We are already short on money and
we will continue to be short. The best thing is to look for
ways to make some money. We all are collectors of some
thing so lets start thinking of what we can sell and make a
few extra bucks. Have a yard sale so many people are
looking for items that they can't afford to by brand new.
Start collecting cans and bottles so many states have re-
cyclers of these items and they pay you to bring them in.
A good place to pick up a lot of these items is go to the
parks or ball fields on the weekend. Start using your talents
if you sew start offering sewing classes to kids, or sell you
service to mend clothing. Bartering is another good  way to
save some money no money goes out of your pocket if you
start a group of people to come together and do this. Good
luck on helping yourself out of the bad economy mess. Have
a good day.

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