Monday, August 16, 2010

Fair time in Grant County Washington

  Our County Fair starts tomorrow here in Grant County Washington.
So many people getting ready to take thier animals, produce, crafts,
baked goods, preserves, photos, flowers, sewing and the list goes on.
  Oh the memories of when I was growing up and how we would go
school clothes shopping the week before the fair so that we would
have good clothes to wear Fair week. I was involved in 4-H back
then and my bothers were invloved in FFA. That was many years
ago. So many ribbons won back then but since they have been mis-
placed and lost.
  Tomorrow everyone will have thier perspective placing in the
catagories with thier ribbons attached so everyone can see who is
the best of show, and the smiles and happiness in those who have
won a ribbon for all thier hard work.
   So today I begin with the produce that will be on display and
where it all started on some farm.
An Onion Field.
We will find some of these
on those famous
Space Burgers we all love
so much

Wheat Field  for some of those baked
goods that will be judged
and the Elephant ears that we will
be eating.

Corn Stalks in Field
Where i'm sure that not only
will some be judged but we will
be eating some corn at the Fair

Grape Vineyard
some preserves were made
from this vineyard.

Enjoy Have a Splendid Day!!!!
Good Luck to all of you that take
your items to the fair so we can
be amazed of the work and
beauty of it all.


PoetessWug said...

I haven't been to a fair in YEARS!! But I have some really good memories of it too. That's the joy of growing up in a small town I guess. (Not all was good though. I remember my mom making us wait in line to see the "Goat man"!!! Seriously mom???!! LOL)

SnowflakeDreams1 said...

Goat man???? We went almost every night depending on who was the entertainment. I've seen Buck Owens, Freddy Fender, Glen Cambell,
Dottie West, Kenny Rogers, Tammy Wynette, Los Lonely Boys, Loverboy, U 2, Toto, Bare Naked Ladys, and the list goes on. My mom was into country music and my dad was into the demolation derby. Oh but what memories.