Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just a few more hours.

Hi Everyone just wanted to remind everyone that there
is only four hours left before my giveaway ends.

Here some of the things that I have been busy doing
these last few days.

Making hot sauce and green hot sauce.

Also I have been cleaning my craft room and working
on some new projects.

Hopefully this week I will have the time to post some
of my new items.

Don't forget tell all your friends just four hours left
for the giveaway . Good luck to everyone!!!
Have a Splendid Evening!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

PoetessWug said...

I'm sure the giveaway is all done now. I missed telling everybody as a last push for you! :-/ Oh well!...Anyway, wanted to say: BOY! That hot sauce looks good!!! Apparently you, like me, are a woman of many talents! :-)