Thursday, October 14, 2010

RIP My Cousin

   I know it's been a while but I'm finally back. If
you all remember one of my cousins was battling
pancreatic cancer. He lost his fight on October
5th and was laid to rest on the 9th.

                 RIP Gilbert Reyes

A family member had these t- shirts done in rememberance
of my cousin.

  I have been busy helping my Aunt clear out his house.
I've also been trying to catch up on all the things that got
set on the back burner since we knew we had very little
time with Gilbert.
  There is pain in our hearts but there is also joy that he
is no longer suffering. I watched my cousin go from a
two hundred pound man to about a hundred pounds
when he lost his fight with cancer.
  Now it is time for healing and to continue with life.
There is so much to live for. To all of you that are
going through some tough times my prayers are with
you and I'm sorry that I did not have a chance to
read all your wonderful blogs. Hopefully i will be able
to go back and catch up with all of them.

Have a great night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PoetessWug said...

I've been dealing with some deaths in my family too lately. Know that getting on with it and moving forward won't be easy at first. I find myself stopping...pausing...and crying. Then smiling....laughing....and getting back to whatever it was I was doing. Be patient with yourself and don't put too much on your plate for a while. Wish I had met Gilbert. Must have been a special person to have been loved so much. :-)

SnowflakeDreams1 said...

Thank you Deb for the kind words. Yes he was a special person. A single father of three that put his family first. Not just his kids but his nephews and nieces also. He was the rock that both of his sisters leaned on and he was my aunts first born. He will be greatly missed. I will try and take things slowly but I have so much to do. I to find myself crying every now and then and then I think of the fun times.

FitterTwit said...

Thanx for the well-wishes, I'm a fast healer. Prayers to your family and I'm so sorry for the loss of your cousin! :(