Saturday, February 26, 2011

No Cruise for me

Hello Everyone,
I know it's kind of late tonight but I got a little busy catching
up with some old friends. Earlier today I was thinking of some
of the bloggers that I follow and was wondering how they are
doing on the Provo Craft Cruise that they all started on today.
All of those on the cruise will be gone for like 9 days, Hope
they are having fun. Since some of us couldn't afford to go I
thought that maybe we could have a little fun here. In the
header picture is the Winter Wonderland cartridge that Michele
from Magical Creative Inspirations will be giving away on 3/3/11
The next picture is of some blog candy that Audrey from
Peace, Love, & Crafting is giving away. Go to her blog at and read what you have to
do to get in on her giveaway.
The last picture is of another Cricut cartridge that you can
Once Scrappy Scavenger does someone will win this cartridge. Have fun everyone!!!!!!! Good luck to all.
Have a Splendid Evening!!!!!!!!!

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