Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May a long month? Or is it fall already?

Hello Everyone,
May has been a long month with so many things going on around
here. Looking at the colors on the float in the header picture you
just might be asking is it fall already.
It's not fall!!!!!!!! I've been busy with decorating the stage for our
Miss Warden pagent and glass etching some plates that I forgot
to get pictures of. LOL......I also made the saches that the royalty
wears.Thats what you see in the picture below. I wore white gloves
to work with the silk material to not leave any hand oils on the saches.
Once the royalty was crowned we moved on to the float and I cut
out all the lettering on my cricut that we used on the float. Boy did
my cricut expression get a work out. In the picture below is some
of my cut outs. In between all that I was going to softball and baseball games to
watch my neice and nephew play. Go Natalie and Noah!!!!!!!
Pictured below is Natalie at bat.We also had some bad weather in May that made us think that maybe
it was still November, December around here. Pictured below is some
of the grouple. It was pretty big.
May was a tough month. The year anniversary of my father-in-laws
passing away. I lost a dear friend that I called my brother, his passing
was sudden. Bruce was only 43. Next making sure that my dad is doing
well health wise and a few doctors visits with him. As we all know once
we reach a certain age doctors want us to do certain exams and undergo
certain procedures. So all those were done. I didn't do them my dad did.
Now we are at the end of the month the float is done and has made it
to it's first parade. Still have alot of little minor details to take care of.
I'll be at meetings to take care of business. On a good note I think the
float turned out wonderful. The royalty and thier parents worked so
very hard and some long hours so a kudos to all of you.
Have a Splendid afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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