Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday 2/5

Hello everyone!!!!!
Hope to find you all doing well. I'm keeping busy alot to do
these days. Before I get into my thrifty tuesday blog I want
to update everyone about my adopted granddaughter. Marion
was released from the hospital late yesterday evening.  She
is now home continuing the road to recovery. I thank you
all who heard my request for prayers and prayed for her and
her family. The power of prayer is so amazing as is our Lord.
Thank You Everyone from the bottom of my heart!!!!!
Now on to my picture. I have been watching alot of
scrapbooking haul videos lately and so many were able to
get to their local Michaels store and get some great buys.
For some of us it is a little hard to get to those great sales
because we have to travel a good distance. What is pictured
above is some stamps that I found at Craft Warehouse. They
have their Christmas items at 75% off and since not many
were paying attention to what the other craft stores are clearing
out I managed to get the stamps at $1.75 each. What a great

I also found some Washi tape it was marked $2.50 but when it
rang up it cost $1.75. Not the price that everyone else was paying
at the compition store but still a gret buy.
I also managed to find some of the Lost & Found Santa packs
I got these at 75% off the original price and these were the
only ones that I could find at my local store. Another great buy.
There was so much more that I could have purchased but I need
to use up all I have already before my husband kills me...lol...
Well I better go and see what I can create. Until my next post
Have A Splendid Afternoon!!!!!

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