Thursday, January 29, 2015

Just one of those days

Hello fellow crafters and followers.
Hope to find you all doing well and staying safe and warm.
The weather here in our neck of the woods has been unusually
warm. I am praying for those that are having winter storms.
As much as I try to post on my blog there is always something
that happens that I just can't seem to get around to doing it as
often as I would like. It has not just been one of those days
it's been more like a week and a half. Before I get to my card
I will give you a short version of it.

It all started with the stove. My husband got up early one morning
and planned to make biscuits and the oven would not heat up. We
actually have a gas stove and oven. I knew that it has not been working
right and have a trick to get it to work and he did not know that. My
son and I have tried cleaning it and other things but nothing we have
done has made it work right. We just need a new one. My husband
was upset with me because I had not said anything about it. You'll
understand why I haven't said anything about it as I explain the week.

In the evening of another day while fixing dinner I was using the faucet
when the hot water knob decided to blow off right into my hand.
Water spraying everywhere while I'm trying to hold the handle in
place and screaming for someone to shut the water off. By the time
we ate dinner it was a little to late to go and get a new faucet. The
following day it was fixed.
The dodge we knew was needing a new clutch but we were
putting it off and we finally have to get to it. While my husband
was doing some work on an engine at work he dropped his phone in
the bucket of oil and now his phone can only be answered on
Knowing about the clutch needing to be replaced, it to me was the
first priority so that he could be able to get to work so he can make money
so that I can buy a new stove....LOL.... So it was a wild and crazy week
and a half.
This card was made using a lot of my stash, so I can't
really tell you where the cute cupid came from. I made
this card for a vlog challenge on Youtube. Hope you like
Ok everyone hopefully things will calm down and I can post
a little more often. Don't forget about my giveaways on my
blog and my Youtube channel. Until my next post Have A
Splendid Day!!!!

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