Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Exchanging your gift.

This weekend I went to the big city to try and exchange my gifts that my mother-in-law sent me for Christmas. Every christmas it is the same she sends me a a sweater or two and always in the wrong size or a color that I would never wear. Dreading having to do this again for the 26th year in a row. I walk into Sears with two sweaters that need to be exchanged because of the size. Both sweaters have the tags on them. The black one cost $36 and the red one cost $40. Lets see how many of you have endured the insanity. A very young clerk assists me she tells me to go and look for the right size. I find the black one in the right size but the red sweater the right size is not in stock. I opt for a different sweater that cost $4 less. I return to the counter the clerk then tells me she can not exchange the black sweater because it has been re-called. She tells me I can't exchange the red one for a different one because the sales price now for the red sweater that I need in a bigger size now is selling for $7.00 and with no reciept I can't do that. The clerk then asks me if I would just like a refund and tells me that the refund for both sweater will be $11.74. By this time I am fuming. So I tell her to give me the sweaters that I will sell them so I can get enough to buy me two sweaters somewhere else like Macys. She hands them back to me and then I proceed to ask her if she is going to let me walk out with a sweater tha they sold that now has been re-called she tells me yes. So the I tell her that if I burn wearing that sweater then what? She lets me walk out. Now I'm going to call Sears and have it out with them. I'll let everyone know how that turns out.

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