Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday How to

Today I will show you how to make the Waterfall Card.

Materials needed: Red cardstock 12 x 12"
                            White cardstock 8  1/2 x 11"
                             6" ribbon
                             3 brads
                             Rubber stamp
                             Ink pad
                             Acid free glue

Red cardstock :  Cut one  5 & 1/2" x 8  & 1/2" for base of card
         score at 4 & 1/8", cut a 2" x 9" long strip and score
         one end at 2" , and at  2 & 3/4", and at 3 & 1/2", and
         at 4 & 1/4", cut a strip of 1/4" x 4 & 1/2", cut (4)  2" x
         2" squares.
White cardstock : Cut one 4 & 1/8" x 5 & 3/8" for card front
         cut (4) 1 & 7/8" squares.

Rubber stamp images on the upper right and left hand corners
        of your white card front and on the 4 white sqaures.Once
        ink has dried. Glue the white card front on the red card.
        Glue the 1 white stamped  square on 1 red square directly
        in the center.

Take the red 2" x 9 " and  the four sqares. Glue the top edge
        of the backside of one sqaure and place the top edge of
        sqaure to the edge of the first scored line from the bottom.

        As seen on picture. The shiny glue that you see towards 
        the top is where your last square will go.

       Second square will be set at the edge of the next scored line.
       Remember to only put glue at the top edge of  the back side
       of the square. Third square at the third score line and fourth
       at the forth score line.

Take the red strip 1/4" x 4 & 1/2 " and using your brads place the bottom edge of the strip 3/4" from the bottom of the card.

Add the ribbon to the backside of the waterfal strip with a brad.
As seen in picture. Then take the long cascading square strip
and place the backside that has the ribbon attached under the strip with the brads. Once centered
lift the top place glue on the top of the strip that is braded down lay the top part of the cascading strip
down edge to edge. Pull ribbon and your card should look like a waterfall cascading as you pull and push ribbon .
If you have any questions just e-mail me or post it on comments. I get to both every day. Enjoy!


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