Thursday, January 7, 2010

What"s in a name?

Today while in the Etsy chat room I was clicking on avatars and for the first time TheDamnNations name caught my attention and it made me ask how did TheDamnNation come up with the name. My name came about when I started selling my crafts in a crafters mall and the days sales of tags were in a box till they were posted on the pc at the end of the day. I looked for a stamp that I could stamp on my tags. The tags weren't very big and so I found a small snowflakes stamp would work great. I stamped all my tags and it made it easy to spot in the box and see what I had sold that day. So one day i'm in the shop going through the tags with a couple of other vendors and as I was picking out my tags one vendor says to me so your the snowflakes and I said to her only in my dreams. She then said to me it was nice to put a face to the tags after all there was over a hundred vendors in that mall. From then on she called me snowflake dreams and it stuck. How did everyone of you come up with your shop name?

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