Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On fire

Hello Everyone,
Hope you have made to hump day. I got here stumbling.
In my header picture is  an applique that comes from
Littlebearsandladybugs Etsy shop. She has some really
cute appliques,  She is also having a sale at this time. What
a great way to add some umph to a plain shirt and right
on time before school starts.Here is the link to her shop.
So now to the reason that I decided to post a picture
of fire. If you have been reading my blog lately
you have read that  we have been on a bad luck
streak. Well the hits keep coming. Yesterday my
husband burned his left hand and almost burned his
face. His beard caught on fire and he had a butane
canister in his pocket that he did not realize had a
leak and that started on fire. Luckily fast thinking he
managed to get rid of it before it had a chance to
explode. My poor husband has stitches on his right
hand, a nasty burn on his left hand.
I think it's time for a vacation. Time away for him to
relax. Or maybe it's time up the life insurance policy.
 I really think it's time for a vacation.
If any of you have an extra good luck charm could
you please send it my way.....LOL.....
On the bright side of things I am working on getting
pictures of all my projects that I have completed and
I will be posting them soon. I also having been
 getting some of these things on my Etsy shop.
Hopefully my next posts will be of my creations and
not more of the crazy life I lead.
Until my next post Have a Splendid Afternoon!!!!


PoetessWug said...

Ohhhhh Noooooo!....Yes, vacation time.....DEFINITELY!!

Paper Sewn Visions said...

Deb, I think your right. Vacation time would relax and refresh him physically and mentally because I really think that is what he needs.