Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sold Sold Sold

Hello Everyone,
Hope you all have had a good thursday. It's been pretty
good for me. The temperature wasn't as hot here as it
has been the past few days. We are no longer in the
hundred degree range or the upper nineties for that
matter. With the weather on the cooler side today I had
the chance to visit with my cousins wife. We got to
talking about what we do all day since neither her or
I have a job outside the home. When I told her that I
spent my days crafting she wanted to take a look at what
I make. I noticed she was seperating the cards into
two seperate piles. After she got done looking at all of
my projects she asked me if I sold them. I went into my
story about selling them on Etsy and doing bazaars, as
she is going through her like pile. She picked four cards
that she really wanted. All the pictures on this post are
the cards that she bought.

and this one

and this one

She also asked that I give her a chance to look at any of the
new ones I make before I go putting them on Etsy. Then
the day got better she later told someone who told someone
else who then called me an asked if we could set up a meeting
she would like to take a look at my cards and anything else
I make she would if all possible like to put these in her store.
The bad luck streak I believe has broken now.
Thank You Lord!!!!
Don't forget the challenge over at HIMCR you have until friday
to join in. Link is below
Also the challenge over at NMWC. This one is a monthly
challenge. Follow the link below.
Until my next post Have a Splendid Evening!!!!!


PoetessWug said...

YAY!!! That's great, Velma!! :-] Now you can tell someone who knows someone who can tell someone about my shop too please!! LOL I'd love to supply somebody's store!! ^_^ ...I'm happy for your sales. I hope many more come!

Paper Sewn Visions said...

Thank you Deb for your encouraging words and support. I will meet with the person and see what they are looking for and well maybe some of my bogging friends can also get in on the deal. Hugs, Velma

Angela Crafty Spot said...

Congrats on your selling your cards!!!

marion said...

Congrats on your selling, do not know who doesn't want to have those cards. Hugs, Marion

SuzanneK said...

Congrats on selling some cards Velma, well done. Hugs Suzanne

Pinkies Sparkly Creations said...

great cards i love them emma xx