Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkins repurposed

Hello Everyone, I know that it has been some time since
I posted on my blog. Life really got in the way this time.
My uncle Robert was pretty bad off for about three weeks
and I tried to be there as often as I could to help. My uncle
passed away and at about the very same time I had to put
my dad in the hospital. It got very crazy for my family. I
tried to craft inbetween everything just to try and stop from
going insane. My dad was operated on and is doing well
now. He got out of the hospital just in time for his brothers
 Just when I thought that things could not get any
worse someone decided to help themselves to some of our
things. I know that it's just material things but some of them
had so much meaning. The tools that my son had inherited
from his grandfather. The tools that my son and father-in-law
had used together building a shop and working on antique
cars and the Harley's. The chainsaw that he had left my
husband which was used every year for many years to get
our firewood for the winter. What makes it worse for me
is that in all the years that I lived in a big city nothing was
ever stolen from us, but living here in my hometown that
is the second time in my life. I was about 15 years old when
someone broke into our home.Here I am back and it has
happened again. All I can say is that the person who did it
better hope we never find out it was them.

Well as you can see from my photos of my pumpkins that
were made out of plastic containers, orange paint, vinyl
and the October 31st cartridge. The faces really tell my
story of how I'm feeling. Until my next post Hope you all
having a better time than I am.


Karen said...

Oh Velma, I am so sorry for all that has gone on lately!!! I know that there is nothing that I can say to make it better, but you know that in our new Craft supply support group we are always here to listen!!! I think that is step number 2!! I hope things get better over there!! karen♥

Karen said...

Hey Velma, I posted about you on my blog, and I just wanted to know if it is o.k. Just leave me a message if you want me to remove it, karen♥

Paper Sewn Visions said...

Karen thanx for the kind words. Sometimes just getting the acknowledgement that you have been heard makes things somewhat better. Thank you for blogging about me it's ok. Hugs, Velma

Ira Huberts said...

Oh you've had such a troublesome time lately, so sorry to hear about it... Sometimes life does that to you... Most importantly your dad is doing ok again! Thanks for visiting my blog and your Halloween jars look so cool! Ira x