Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Boxes, Balloons, and Flowers

Hello Fellow crafty friends!
I know it's been some time but life just kind of filled my days.
I have been crafting as you can see by the photos. I made a couple
of the box cards for friends and they showed them to other friends
which then created a frenzy of everyone wanting box cards that I
even took a break from Etsy.

All in all I made about thirty box cards that I forgot to take
pictures of some of them which is ok because I just might
have driven all of you crazy with all the box cards...LOL....
Life got a little crazy along with me having all those orders.
My boxer Shelby ended up with bone spurs on her hip and we
had to see the vet off and on and finally made a decision to
put her through surgery.

We have had to keep her resting which is not easy. It has
been a lot of work especially because the vet didn't prescribe
pain meds in hopes that the discomfort would keep her down.
That didn't work out to well.

Her leg got swollen because she wanted to be up following
my husband and her pal Diesel around, so more trips to the vet.
Along with all of that I am helping out a friend that had gone
in for routine surgery and the Doctor made an error which my
friend almost lost her life. After three months in the hospital she
finally got to go home and I have become her in -home care provider
three days a week. I also put together a fund raising yard sale for my
friend since she has no income. Many of her friends did different
fund raising sales (bake sales, Tamale sales). We will continue to
do things to raise funds for her until she has jumped through all
the states hoops to have some type of income come in.
Days, weeks, and months have just flown past.
Mothers Day came and my kids gave me the Brother Scan N Cut
and I didn't even have a chance to write about it. I did mention
it on my facebook page but that was a quick post. Lately all
I can do is quick. Quick check facebook, quick check e-mail for
what might be important, quick go buy groceries because I have
to be over there in an hour. Quick, Quick, Quick.
My life has been full but I am glad to be alive and breathing.
I hope that you are all doing well so until my next post
Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!

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