Monday, November 8, 2010


Hi Everyone,
    Lately I have been MIA I know but once again
I can say I'm back and hopefully  I can stay up on
my blogging. The reason that I was gone is because
my uncle and my dad were not doing good health
wise. My dad is having knee problems so he has
been seeing a message therapist. My Uncle who
is my cousin Gilberts dad (remember Gilbert passed
away in October) ended up in the hospital a little
touch and go there.

         My dad on the harley. Couldn't find a
                  picture of my uncle.

    I have been real busy ....NOT ..... I have been
working on some new projects. I hope to have them
up some time this weekend.  I have done a lot of
shopping and I will show you later this week all the
great finds and hauls.
   In October I was still canning tomatoes because my
husband and son brought the tomatoes in to ripen and
it was a good thing cause the very next day we got
frost. Here is the stewed tomatoes and the green hot
sauce that I made.

    I also managed to get out and get some pictures of the
trees and bushes changing colors.


          I love the color on this tree.

   I also did a little bit of decorating for the holiday that just
passed. I went through nine bags of candy that night.


     I know not my best picture taking.

    The best thing that has happened is that I won a contest
I'll tell you about that later this week because this post is
getting so long since I have been missing for some time.

Hope everyone is doing well. Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!

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PoetessWug said...

Love the canned goods and the colorful tree or bush!!...Welcome back. I'll be keeping an eye out for what you won!! ;-)