Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not a Scrapbooker per say

Hi Everyone,
     Well as I talked on my post yesterday I would get
into what I won, but first I have to begin at the beginning
of the story.
      There is a store called Faes' twelve miles north of
where I live. This is where I usually buy some of my
cardstock and what not to do my paper crafts. Every
month she has a contest where you buy a scrapbook
kit. The kit runs about three dollars. Every month I
buy the kit come home and do my page, now mind you
i'm not really into scrapbooking. I then return the page
to Faes' where it is judged. First place wins a $10 gift
certificate and second wins a $5 gift certificate to the
store. Every month I lose out to this gal named Stella.
     Stella does some beautiful work she is really into
scrapbooking, she has all the tools that are out. A real
wonderful gal.
      Here is the page that I did last month.

    Not my best work. I threw this together over night
because of everything that was going on.
     Well I finally beat Stella. Boy was I happy and so
was the owner of Faes' cause Stella has won first place
for the last five months. To be honest I thought her page
was beautiful and she would win again. The comments
that were made was that her page had to much going
on and that it took away from the pictures.
     In all honesty I feel good in one aspect but feel bad
in an other cause I really thought her page should have
won. So i'm kind of torn. It also reminds me that some
times more is not better. Oh well.
    Off I go to work on my next page.

      Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!!!


PoetessWug said...

I've never gotten into scrap-booking either, but let me just say...if I had won I'd be feeling really good right about now!!! As you say, sometimes less is more...and it wins!! And yours did! So Enjoy it...guilt-free!! I'm sure the other lady will go back to her winning streak soon. In the meantime...Happy Dance for YOU!!! ^_^

SnowflakeDreams1 said...

I did do a happy dance in the store.LOL.... I know she will be back on top of her game again. Hopefully I will able to break her winning streak once in a while.