Saturday, March 15, 2014

Final installment

Hello everyone.
Hope you are all doing well and have found something fun
to do this weekend. As for me I hope I can get some projects
finished and photographed. The pictures in todays post are some
having to do with my heritage and some of the types of work that
my family and I have done.

Yesterday I left off with my children. We were lucky enough
to have the means to send them to a private school. In the private
school they didn't have any problems with racism. When they were
entering middle school they went into public school. There were a
few incidents with racism. We got through that. High school was
another story for one of my boys and it all had to do with a sports
coach. I took action just like my mom did for me. I am thankful
that coach Singler was able to get my son through a very devastating

I decided to go back to school in my thirties and I thought that
things were changing and that racism wasn't as bad for those of us
of Mexican descent boy was I wrong. I was harassed in college and
it was a racial sexual harassment. I am thankful that the college took
legal action and a restraining order was placed on that student. I
changed my major and got out of there as quick as I could. It was
stressful. My guard was up again and I was always looking over my
shoulder. One good thing that did come out of the situation is that I
made some really good friends that made sure that I was never alone
at any time while on campus.

There are times when my husband an I are out and about town
when we get an occasional remark about our inter-racial relationship.
Sometimes it's just glares and it comes at us from both sides. It has
happened at places of work and play. I find myself on guard a lot.
When my daughter said she wanted to do a project about this it really
showed me how I hide from so much and that I'm not really sure where
I belong. I have a facebook page but hardly ever say much on it. I have
this blog and it's the same never say to much. That might make me seem
a little snooty but it's not that. I'm just hiding so as not have anyone say
anything racist to me. I hope that this gives my daughter enough insight
for her project and that it does well. Thank you for sticking around to hear
what I have to say. The things I wrote about are just a few of the obstacles
that have been through in my life. This was just the short version.
Thank you everyone.
Until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!!

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