Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kraft mini

Good Morning everyone.
Hope to find you all doing well. The sun is shining here and
flowers are in bloom. I'm enjoying myself being outdoors a
little more with the nice weather. My husband and I went out
to the woods yesterday to see if it was true that people are
finding Morel mushrooms. We found about four real small
ones. They will be ready soon and everyone will be out on the
hunt for them. I can't wait to get some Morels... Yummmm
In my header picture is a mini album that I finished. It's
done using one 12 x 12 sheet of cardstock.

A couple of pictures of the pages of the mini.

Last night we also got together with a friend and had dinner.
We had a blast talking about some of the crazy and dumb
things that we have done in the past. Lots of laughing going
on. Got home and finally downloaded some of my pictures
and that is why I have a post about what I have been working

Below the back cover to the mini.

Hope you all like this mini. I'm off to get some things done
around the yard. Enjoy your Sunday.
Until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!1

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