Friday, March 14, 2014

My life

Hello everyone!!!!
Hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to spring.
Well I hope you have your cup of tea/ coffee or whatever it may
be that you drink because today I pick up from where I stopped
yesterday. First off some of the pictures in this post depict some
of the work that my family and I have done throughout the years.

Some of the things that I dealt with in school were kids not
wanting to swing on a swing that mexicans had touched, not wanting
to sit next to you. Things got a little better in middle school. In
high school things were bad again there were teachers that were
prejudice. Teachers that tried to fail you in their classes even though
all your work was turned in with an average of a B grade. Can you
believe that my Junior year I failed art well according to the teacher.
She said that I hadn't done a lot of the work which was produced to
her with the grades that she had given me written on the work. Luckily
my mother took action. Sorry to say that teacher moved on the next
year. It was action taken to late that my Senior year I became
very guarded and decided not to take another art class. My Junior
year was the worst. There were a couple of upper classmen that
were very cruel. Mind you that there was a group of us that were
really good friends. The group mainly consisted of kids that were
American of Mexican decent with the exception of a couple of
girls that were caucasian. I was so glad to be done with school.

Don't think that I was a perfect kid I was far from it. I did some real
dumb things while growing up. I just wasn't dealing with things that
were happening at school. I had an aunt that was always telling my
dad lies about me which I was always in trouble.

I got married to man that loved me for me and never saw my
skin of color but his dad was different. My husband is caucasian.
My father-in-law always had some Mexican joke to tell and would
let me know how he hated Mexicans. I also had a cousin that hated
that I didn't marry anyone of my race especially because she was
always trying to set me up with guys of my race.

Three children came along and my father-in-law showed favoritism
to the child that looked more like his dad. The other two kids could
see it. Not an easy thing to deal with so very hard to protect my
children from racism when it is happening in your own family. Again
my guard up.
I have been lucky to have some friends that I have made along
the way in my life that see me as a human and not see my skin
color. I have also had one person from the past that has apologized
for how they treated me back when we were in high school. That must
of been real hard for her. At the time she apologized it really threw me
off and I didn't know what to say. She is a bigger and better person than
I could ever be because that took some guts. I truly appreciate that she
she felt she had to do that.
Well it's been another long one so I will stop here and pick up
again tomorrow.
Until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!!


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PoetessWug said...

Very interesting, Velma!...And right up the alley of a recent magazine of ours!!

I'll be looking forward to seeing the rest of your story! :-]