Monday, March 23, 2015

He lights the way

Hello fellow crafters and bloggers.
Hope to find you all doing well and ready for another
week. I can say that I am ready to get back to a schedule
of sorts.
Todays project isn't mine but another tealight candle
holder that my husband made. In the picture below is
what it really looks like. I can say that he is lighting
my way....LOL....

In the header picture and the picture below are samples
of what can be done with them to use as d├ęcor.

It looks like its going to be another wild week since
we have a winter storm moving in. We have had spring
like weather since the end of January. Now almost the
end of March and we are getting winter storms. Oh well
shouldn't complain maybe we will get the amount of
snow we need on the mountain to keep us in enough
water for the year. We can only hope.
Speaking about hope I hope that you leave a  comment
on my post to be entered for my giveaway.
Until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!

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