Monday, March 16, 2015

Out from under the covers

Hello fellow bloggers and crafters
Look who has finally crawled out from under the covers
so to speak. For some time now I have been telling you
that changes were coming. I have been making cards but
basically for challenges that give cards to specific groups
or nonprofits to cheer people up. The card above is one
I made. Very simple and geared towards a child.
Now for some of the changes.
Below is a new product that I will that I have added to
my Etsy shop.

The wooden pencil holder is something that my husband
is doing. He decided to enter into the craft world with me.
He is also working on tables and candle holders. So more
to come soon. You probably have noticed the change in
my banner. Working on giving my blog a new look. I
guess you could say I'm doing some spring cleaning

The flowers in the picture above is what I am adding to
my giveaway. The picture below is what The giveaway
started with.

I also have a giveaway on my Youtube channel. Make
sure to go check that out. Watch my video and leave
a comment there to be entered. Don't forget to leave a
comment on this blog for a chance to win. Follow
the link below for my Youtub channel.
Well I guess that is enough for today. Don't want
to overload anyone with to much sharing.
Hope you all had a great weekend until my next post
Have A Splendid Creative Day!!!!!

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