Saturday, November 24, 2012

Do Bears go in the woods?

Hello fellow bloggers.
I hope everyone is doing well. Hope everyone had a
a good time with family and that you were all safe as
you went out to try and score some of those great deals.
I stayed home and worked on some projects. If I would
have had someone that would have gone with me then
I would have been out there too. Since I didn't get out
there I worked on some ornaments like the one you see
in my header picture. To answer my question yes this
bear does go in the woods, the woods of my ornament
Below is my nativity scene ornament. This was created
with the new cartridge that Teresa Collins has out.
"December 25th"  cartridge. I got it a few days before
Thanksgiving and started working with it right away.

I have a few other projects that are in the works with
the new cartridge which you'll get to see at a later date,
but for now there is the ornament below that I made
 with a deer.

I just haven't found the right ribbon for the animal
ornaments yet. Hopefully I will before next weekend
when I have a show in Othello, WA.
Thanksgiving went ok just a few minor problems.
Like the turkey almost not fitting in the oven. My
brother was scolded and told not to let the turkeys
 get so big next time. I forgot the cranberries but we
made it through just fine. So now I'm off to finish
some other projects. Until my next post Have A
Splendid Afternoon!!!!!!!!!


Sue - bearhouse said...

this is so beautiful. I love the the design


SuzanneK said...

Fabulous project Velma. Hugs Suzanne

Paper Sewn Visions said...

Thank you Sue for stopping by and leaving some kind words. Hugs, Velma

Paper Sewn Visions said...

Thank you Suzanne for the kind words. Hugs, Velma