Friday, November 16, 2012

My week in crafts

Hello Everyone,
Hope everyone is doing well and doing alot of crafting.
I started out the week trying to get some crafting done
but didn't get very far because on monday I went with dad
to his doctors appointment. It wouldn't be so bad if the
traveling time didn't take half an hour to get there and
another half hour to get home just to be in the doctors
office for maybe fifteen minutes. On tuesday we had to
to go back to the clinic because they forgot to give dad his
pneumonia vaccination. By the time we get home the day
is to dark to get some really good pictures. Finally today
I was able to get some pictures of my projects.
In my header picture is a card that I made in the cricut
craftroom using one of the free cuts for this week.

By now most of you know that I try and blog ways
to craft using your scraps and repurposing. In the picture
above I used what us crafters call the negative of a cut.
The next picture again I used the negative of the cut
and a different colored cardstock.

What do you think?
Since I didn't get my weekly Tuesday Morning buy
blogged about I decided that I would post it today too.
Pictured below.

These are just a couple of clear stamps that I found at
Tuesday Morning. Both sets cost $ 2.99 each
Hopefully the weather stays nice and I can get a few
more projects pictured. I'm looking into getting a light
box and won't have to worry about the days being bright
enough. So until I get a light box you'll get to see some
not so great pictures.  Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!!

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