Saturday, November 10, 2012

Do I tell ?

Hello everyone,
Hope to find you all doing well. I am working on projects
trying to get ready for a show in December. In my header
picture is something that I have shown you before. The thing
is that I have always felt that it never looked right. What I
did was added the bling and the cardstock flower. Now I
really like how it looks. So before I show you my other
project I am going to tell you a little story that I think
will have you laughing off your seat..
All of you who read my blog know that life lately has
been a little crazy for me but I haven't told you some of
the things that have made it so wild. When my uncle
past away the very next day my dad ended up in the
hospital. My dad had his gallbladder removed and he
made it home a day before my uncles funeral. My dad
informed me that he would not be going to his brothers
funeral since he had just had surgery and could get an
infection and die. I know you are all thinking say what?
Are you laughing now?
Well I have to tell you that my dad is mexican and they
believe in all these wives tales. So an arguement began
and I explained to him that yes he could get an infection
if he rolled around in the dirt at the burial site.
Are you Laughing now?  If not you should be.I told my
dad that he had to get on the train and get to the century
that we are living in. After about a two hour arguement
he decided that he would go to the service but not to the
cemetery and that was just fine by me. Don't get me
wrong I love my dad but sometimes his beliefs drive me
nuts. I'm not saying that he is stupid by any means
because he has done well in life all on his own. It is
just that he's so set in his cultures ways of life and beliefs
that I have to do things that most people don't have to
do. Like make an unnecessary appointments with
doctors because his belly button might pop out ( this 
story I'll save for a later date and time.)
There is so much more that I could tell you like
about his actual hospital stays but for now I think you
can understand why it seems like I have been an air head

Ok so on to the picture above this is a canvas that you have
also seen before and it also looked plain so I added a
cardstock flower and some bling to it and now I'm happy
with how it looks that I almost want to keep them for my
self but I really need a vacation...... they will
be up for sale.
Until my next post Have A Splendid Afteroon!!!!!!!

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