Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tag your it !

Hello fellow bloggers.
I hope everyone is doing well and still have their hair
intact. I know that this is a time when we all get real
busy cooking and getting ready to spend time with
family. I don't want to seem like a scrooge but this year
I would rather spend it alone. I'll get to the reason why
as I show you the tags that I have made. In my header
picture is my Let it Snow tag. I made this one wishing
that it would snow ten foot deep and keep some of my
family stuck in their house. I don't want to seem like a
scrooge bu tthings still have not slowed down any for me.
My dad and brother had the three turkeys that they had
been raising butchered. The person that did it really
didn't know what he was doing and broke most of the
feathers off and I spent five hours on sunday cleaning
them up better. If things continue to go the way they
have lately we will be celebrating Thanksgiving on
Christmas. So the tag pictured below may have to
until New Years.

My brother decided that he would wait until Christmas to
cook his turkey and well dad decided to freeze his but
the problem there was that dads freezer was so iced up
that I spent all day monday thawing it out. Thinking  that
since I had spent sunday and monday with dad that I
would be able to get my things done at my home today
but that just didn't work out. Some how I have managed
to get this tag made. Most of my projects are getting
made when night is silent which is after eleven at night

To bad that I have only been able to find the silence very
late at night. Anyway dad sat around here for about four
hours today. I have to stay close so that he doesn't speak
real loud and wake up my son who works at night. Thinking
that I could get my blog done on the laptop didn't work out
because it has a virus so now I'm down a computer and the
other one I use is in my craft room and is a desk top. What
I really want right now is for everyone to go away and leave
me alone so I can catch up with everything that I am behind
on. Let me hear how you really feel about the holidays.
Tag your it!!!!! Sorry about no tuesday morning find, some
of my pictures are lost on the laptop. Hopefully after
Thanksgiving I will be able to find the time to override
and reboot the the system. So until my next post Have
A Splendid Evening!!!!!!! 


Susan Hogan said...

Oh dear, hope things get better soon. I am planning on a cold lunch for Christmas dinner (mid-day) and lots of seafood. Hopefully I can make the salads up pretty much the day before and the turkey will be cooked on the Webber the day before. Love your tags!

marion said...

Hope things will look better for you real soon, lovely tags. Hugs, Marion

Paper Sewn Visions said...

Thank you Susan for the kind words about my tags. I now understand why some families go out to eat...LOL....Say a prayer for me. Hugs, Velma

Paper Sewn Visions said...

Thank you Marion for stopping by and leaving some kind words. Hugs, Velma