Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The nuts don't have it.

Goodmorning Everyone,
Today I am going to go off the crafting subject. You probably already
know what direction i'm taking by the header picture. In the picture
below is Diesel our almost three year old pit. Isn't he cute? Awww
If any of you watch Racheal Ray and have seen her pit you might
agree that they almost look alike. The markings are almost identical
except Diesel is more red and hers is fawn colored. ......La la lalala la
Sorry i went of the right trail i'm back now. On to the story.
When we got Diesel he was to be my dog, but then of course every dog
we get is mine. Only so that it will be my job to train them. I wasn't in
good health when we got him and I just didn't do the things that were
suppose to be done with him like having him neutered. All because a
few months after we got him I landed in the hospital for emergency
gallbladder surgery. My recovery was long (a whole other story) and
I couldn't do the things that needed to be done. So in the picture below
you will see what my husband calls Diesels doggy porn shot. This is how
he usually lays on the love seat. We did not pose him. The only reason you
get to see this picture is because I wanted you to see how well endowed
he is for a dog and that he needed to get neutered. Finally last week we got him in to get neutered. We found out that
he weighs 104 lbs my jaw dropped to the ground and I thought to
myself he is gianormous( my kids made up word for giant and enormous)
so the joke became that he lost four pounds after being neutered. We also
had his dewclaws removed because about every two to three months he
breaks one off completely and then drives me nuts licking his boo boo.
In the picture below he is looking very 80's like with his leg warmers which
didn't make him very happy. I didn't and won't take a picture of his other part of surgery but here is
a closeup of his leg warmers. Now with having all this surgery he was
given meds for pain and an anti-inflamatory which in turn gave us........ This and boy do they stink. I know it's not his fault. It all has to do with his
boo boos. His leg warmers came off on saturday so he doesn't look like
in the picture below
but he has wire stitches and he won't leave them alone. He has the wires
poking straight out and is always pawing at us and poking us with them.
One more week and he gets all his stitches taken out. This is what I learned
It is easier on all involved if your pet gets spayed or neutered at the earliest
as possible. The smaller the animal is the easier it is on everyone and also it's
cheaper on the wallet. This is my helpful hint for the day. Until next post have
a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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