Thursday, April 9, 2015

Get Well box card

Hello fellow crafters and bloggers.
Hope you are all keeping safe and warm. I've been
watching the weather reports and it seems that winter
is still hanging around. We had a winter weather
advisory for that last few days but today we should be
close to seventy degrees. I hope that we do warm up
a little.

I made this get well box card in hopes that I have a good
amount of box cards before next Saturdays show. I think
I am doing pretty good so far. I am working on a new
version of the box cards too. I'm liking the new version
because I don't have to make a special envelope for it.
It will fit in a regular envelope. Probably not the right
time to be trying something different but its what us crafters
do. I'll be posting some of those soon.
May you get to do what you love to do today,
until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!

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