Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Prima paper bag mini part 2

Hello fellow crafters and bloggers.
Hope to find you all doing well. I'm doing well just going
a little crazy with paper work. So I kind of fell off the wagon
and missed a few days of posting. With the holiday and some
business that needed to be taken care of I was just to tired to
Let me walk you through the rest of the min album and my
paper work saga. I left off with the page on my header.

( this is the with page open )
The paper work that I am working on is our medical insurance
coverage. We have a huge deductible but we also kind of have
a secondary insurance.

( this is the next page)
The secondary is kind of like insurances that you have money
from your pay put into a medical spending account.  Well we
do not have an account what we do is wait for what is called an
EOB explanation of benefits.

( this is with the mat taken out)
We take the information on the EOB and write it all down
on a special form. Each form has only three spaces so when
we have a hospital visit it will take a mountain of forms.

( this is the next page)
I used eight forms to get all my information down. I don't
understand why we just can't fax them a copy. That would
be to easy. Grrrr. It's things like these that stress me out and
give me a headache that I don't even feel like crafting or

( here is the page with the tags taken out so that the
mat can be seen)
All I have left to do is get my paper work sent to the secondary
insurance and wait and see how much more of my hospital
bill gets paid. Then I will know what is left that I will have
to pay out of pocket.

( the page opened up to see the inside)
Wish me luck because my hospital bill was over twelve
thousand for a one night stay and some tests.

( the tag taken out to see the rest of the page)
Sorry for my rant everyone. Hope you are all still with
me because I'm at the end of my mini share. The last
picture is of the back cover.

Hope you all like my mini. Until the next time. Have A
Splendid Day!!!!!
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