Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bunny box card

Good morning my fellow crafters.
Hope to find everyone doing well. I'm doing ok just trying to
stay dry and warm. We have a few more days of rain left before
the weather changes again. Rain is good...LOL...
 In my header picture is the last Easter box card that I made. I
waited to post this one until I was sure that it was received.
Pictured below is what the card looks like when closed
A lot of the pattern paper and the cut outs are from scraps.
I know that the paper is at least a few years old.

The eggs all came from one line. The bunny cutout came from
a different line and the little Easter sign came from another
collection. I tried to find the makers but had no such luck.
Out of all the Easter cards this one was the simplest to put
Well that does it for box cards for now. Aren't you glad to hear
that? ....LOL...
Hope you all liked my box cards. Until my next post
Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!!

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