Saturday, April 5, 2014

True Friends wall decor

Good morning everyone.
Hope that you are all enjoying your weekend. I have some
full days this weekend while it is still a little cool. Our temperature
is going to get a little warm next week with us getting into the upper
seventies and a couple of days in the eighties. We'll see if it really
In my header picture is a plaque that I added some embellishments
to. A good friend gave this to me and I thought it looked a little plain.

I added some Prima Fabric flowers that I got at Tuesday Morning,
Pearls that I found in my stash.

I added some 7 Gypsy Display Trim Corners (antique silver).
These I also had got from Tuesday Morning. Below is a picture of
what the plaque looked like before I embellished it. The picture is
a little dark but by the time I realized this I had already embellished
the plaque. I tried to lighten the photo in photo shop but it really
washed out its true color so dark it had to stay.

I know that in one of my posts I had talked about some of my pictures
being a little dark and how I was having to go back and re-take pictures
of some of my projects. I still haven't got to that but hopefully this next 
week when we have some bright and shiny days I'll be able to get that
Hope you like what I did to my plaque, until my next post
Have A Splendid Day!!!!!! 

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