Friday, September 5, 2014

Fathers Day Box Card

Good morning fellow crafters.
Hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to the
weekend. I plan to do some crafting. Hopefully it will
happen. In my header picture is one of the thirty seven
box cards that I made.
The reason I am showing this card is because I thought that
it would fit in with my story about a conversation I had with
my husband.
Some times my husband drives me nuts. Most evenings we sit
in the living room. He watches T.V. while I sit in the corner of
the room at my craft area. Once in a while I will get up and go
to the kitchen or other rooms in the house. Here is where our
conversation begins.
Husband- Where are you going
Me - Far far away (annoyed)
Husband - giggle giggle
Me - Oh that's right I can't go far far away my car probably
won't make it around the block
Husband - I'll ask my boss tomorrow for a raise so I can buy
you a new car.
Me - Good Luck with that
Husband - I'll be late coming home tomorrow
Me - Oh your working late?
Husband - No I'll be shopping for your new car.
Me - I walk away.
This is my pet peeve. 1. If I am going to leave the house I
would let him know. 2. I have so many things to do around
the house do I need to announce if I'm headed to do dishes
laundry or use the restroom?  This happens only when he is
bored and not into what is on T.V. but it drives me nuts and
sometimes I would just like to sock him in the temple. I don't
do it though and never would. Do you have a pet peeve?
Ok if you made it this far now I can share what I used to make
this card. I cut the waves with my Scan N Cut machine. The fish,
man in the boat, bobber, and big fish sentiment are EK Success
stickers. Most of the card stock used were scraps from other
projects. Thank you for stopping by. Until my next post Have 
A Splendid Day!!!!!! 

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