Thursday, September 4, 2014

Vacation time is over

Hello fellow crafters!!!!
I know it has been a while and I have missed all of you.
My summer got kind of full, but before I tell you about
my summer let me tell you a little about the pictures in
my post, they are some that I took while trying to get to
know my new camera. I love that I got it figured out on
how to take pictures outdoors. Now just to master indoor

Now to my summer. I did some in home care for a friend
for most of the summer which kept me busy. Did a fund
raising garage sale for the same friend who spent three
months in the hospital because of the doctors error and
I did do some crafting in between caregiving and sold thirty
seven box cards thanx to friends and neighbors who got
their friends to buy cards.

I tried to keep up with my garden which didn't work out to
well, maybe next year. Helped my husband put a new deck
on our trailer. Worked on organizing my craft area. Finally
got to really deep cleaning the house just in time to have
company over Labor Day weekend. So glad to get to see
Marion and her parents.
I have opened my Etsy shop once again. I am destashing.
I'm also working on trying to build up my inventory for
all the fall shows that I have coming up. So stay tuned to
see what I have been working on.
Life got a little crazy and I have some funny stories
and conversations that I have had with my husband that
I will share with you. So until my next post. Have a
Splendid Day!!!!!


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